getting my groove back,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
I remember when I was a little kid, my mom used to take me to church every Sunday. Technically I shouldn't have been drawing people while the Pastor spoke, but it kept me from running around the church with the other kids. I think that's when it started. When I started to care about Art. I used to draw all the time and then when I started high school, I went through some rough things and stopped. It's like my inspiration just wasn't there anymore. A block ( kind of ).

When College started, I noticed some girls with blank canvases headed into a Painting Class. Clearly it was Painting 2 because they were quite advanced. I had never painted, but I was always interested in trying it, so I did. At first, I was at the bottom of the class, then things slowly got better, and I learned to love it. ( even if some painting assignments gave me headache. especially when it has to do with painting quilts, sheets, and silk. )That's where I am now, but I need to find my style. Something unique that makes me stand out....
              I guess I'll practice, practice, PRACTICE!
This owl painting is now for sale on my etsy shop! One of my faves!

The name of he girl I drew is Sandra, she's one of my best friends. ;)