getting my groove back,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
I remember when I was a little kid, my mom used to take me to church every Sunday. Technically I shouldn't have been drawing people while the Pastor spoke, but it kept me from running around the church with the other kids. I think that's when it started. When I started to care about Art. I used to draw all the time and then when I started high school, I went through some rough things and stopped. It's like my inspiration just wasn't there anymore. A block ( kind of ).

When College started, I noticed some girls with blank canvases headed into a Painting Class. Clearly it was Painting 2 because they were quite advanced. I had never painted, but I was always interested in trying it, so I did. At first, I was at the bottom of the class, then things slowly got better, and I learned to love it. ( even if some painting assignments gave me headache. especially when it has to do with painting quilts, sheets, and silk. )That's where I am now, but I need to find my style. Something unique that makes me stand out....
              I guess I'll practice, practice, PRACTICE!
This owl painting is now for sale on my etsy shop! One of my faves!

The name of he girl I drew is Sandra, she's one of my best friends. ;)

something I'm proud of,

Sunday, January 25, 2015
Well helloooo fellow bloggers!!! So here’s my first post! This painting took me about an entire week to finish. I consider it to be a self portrait. I call it, ‘Beautiful Mess’. My art teacher said it was actually fitting. I used oil paint in thick brush strokes. I first attempted to make this painting more of a realistic, but it did not come out that way at all. Overall, I love the finished result. 

I was actually having a hard time with this at one point. There's nothing harder than having to paint yourself because honestly, we all have some type of issue when we look at ourselves in the mirror for too long. At least, I'm speaking for myself.